1. Go to unreal.finance​

On unreal.finance, you can select, start Investing.
unreal finance main website, click on the start investing option, top left of the screen.

2. Select the deposit tab, To get OT and YT tokens through minting

  • This page holds all the available platforms you could directly invest in through unreal finance and get your first Ot and Yt tokens.
  • Once you have selected one of the options click on the protocol and asset pair you would like to invest in.
select one of the asset and protocol/vault pair here
  • Once you click on one of the options a pop-up would be displayed for depositing funds.
Deposit pop-up
  • Once you enter the amount you want to deposit you will be able to see the amount of OTs and YTs you will receive. Then just click on deposit to deposit the tokens.

3. Select the pools tab to get the fixed interest.

  • Select the pools tab to get fixed rate interest on your assests. The page would look like this.
Select the ownership pools tab for getting OTs for fixed interest
  • Select one of the ownership pools from the list with the desired token you would like to get instead of your OTs at the end of the term.
Enter the amount the usdc you would like to trade.
  • You would be able to see the amount of OTs you would receive in exchange and then just click on buy.
  • After the term ends you would be able to redeem this amount from your portfolio.

4. Select the portfolio tab to redeem your funds at the end of the cycle.

  • Select the token you would like to redeem and after that, a popup would be visible where you could select whether you would like to redeem your funds.
The popup for redeeming funds.
  • The redeem option becomes clickable at the end of the term.